Sorry, another network share issue

I have a WD TV Live box, which I have been using for 6 months or so to stream video files from my home pc over a wired network connection via a basic homegroup which was password protected. Firmware updates are set to auto, btw.

Yesterday it requested the password, as it sometimes does but would not accept the saved info, claiming the login or password were invalid. I tried re-entering various times. I tried a reset to factory settings and new install. I tried turning off PW protection for file sharing on the homegroup settings, clearing the windows network share login info and getting in that way as suggested on the sticky post, all to no avail. Login required, but invalid.

I still have network access, and can get on my plex etc, that runs through the pc, I just can’t get on to my “windows network share”

Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance

when I used windows shares (I went over to Linux shares for stability) I found that having the guest account on the server PC enabled helped with log in issues. Not sure if it will work in your case but you seemed to have tried everything else…

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Thanks for the response.

I added a guest account, but no joy.

Should I assume the box is on the fritz, take the pain and buy a replacement?

revvy wrote:

Firmware updates are set to auto, btw.

That means it just announces new firmware availability, but it does not install anything.

Also, HOMEGROUPS are not supported, and never have been.   Only WORKGROUPS are supported.

Not sure if that’s what your issue is or not.

Best place to look is in your PC’s security logs to see what it might indicate.

A hardware fault is not going to cause a log in failure, BTW…

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Thanks. The logic of that last comment made me go back to my network settings. No idea what changed them, or exactly which one I changed back to correct it but monkeys and typewriters and the RNG went in my favour and it now works again. thank you for your help