Wd Live Network Shares Login Issue

Hi All,

I am trying to use Network shares and then connect to my family -pc but its asking for a log in and user.

Im sure i didnt set this but am unsure.

Is this a password for the pc or to do with a wd live log in?

Can someone please help me explain how i can log in and overcome this?

Cheers Shane

Just leave the defaults as is and use them.

Cant says invalid username or password please try again.

What firmware on the WDTV?   What Operating SYstem on the PC?

upgraded firmware but going in through that way is to slow.

I normally whatch video by going video > media servers > family-pc > folders > movies > then select video.

But just recently by doing this when i select a video all i get is the blue spinning wheel in the middle and no video playing where as before the video would start straight away.

Can you help me with this?

Firmware is 1.04.10_V.