SOOOO unhappy with MyCloud right now

I guess maybe I just dont know what I am doing…

I have 20 years of experience with computers…nuild my own…add hard drives all the time…replace mobos…install software…but I am utterly dumbfounded by this device.

I bought a 4TB MyCloud hoping I would be able to use it to backup my cell phone pics regulalry AND as a backup storage drive for video work and such.

Forst thing  I leanred is that it ONLY connects by WIFI and is dreadfully slow that way.

Then I tried uploading some photos from the MyCLoud to Photobucket…failed miserably…

I cant access this drive like a regular windows drive and have to access it thru the provided software which I find TERRIBLY UNINTUTIVE.

Did I waste $150?

I had to go out and spend another $100 or so on 4 TB internal drive upgrade for my computer since the MyCloud is so hard to figure out…10 minutes and my PC had 4TB of new storage easily accessible EVERY WAY.

And the MyCLoud just sitst here wasting electricity.

Please tell me there is something I am missing…I have been playing with it for over a month now…too long to send it back… WD tech support ----HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP!!! (Please!)

Yeah, you’re missing something, but it’s hard to tell what…

What do you mean “it ONLY connects by WiFi”? It’s not at ALL wifi.

I guess this is your first network attached drive? One connects to it the same as any other network drive… Via Drive Mapping, which has been built into Windows since Windows for Workgroups days. :wink:

Yeah I had been trying to connect via mapping to my “private” drive folders but had given up…your post did assure me I was on the right path and after figuring out Ihad the wrong password, did connect that way.

The “public” folder was always connected as a drive and seems swefully slow when transferring data.

What data rates are you seeing in large transfers?  I am trying to transfer 20-30 GB files…and they take FOREVER.  About 10mb/s…Seems like it shoudl be faster…

My goof on the wifi thing…chalk that up to a long day…LOL…guess I was thinking of the cell phone backup conenction which is wifi…and slooooooooow.

60 to 70 megabytes/sec is typical for me for wired PC’s…