Some issues re: Mycloud - Help requested please

I bought a 3gb Mycloud device a couple of months back and have pretty much stopped using it as there were a number of issues I had with it.  Some, such as the last firmware causing issues with thumbnails for photos and remote access have been solved so, having spent out on it though I want to see if there is anything I can do to resolve my remaining issues.  I would be grateful for advice on the following:

  1.  Dropbox access.  I know there is some dropbox integration but it seems to be to backup a dropbox onto the NAS.  What I want is to store my Dropbox folder on the NAS itself and have it sync tp the cloud.  Can this be done?  If not, are there any cloud storage solutions that do sync folders on a NAS?  I know that Mycloud means that cloud storage is not as neccessary but it’s still a physical device in my home that could be stolen or damaged in a fire for example and there are some things that I want off site storage for.

  2.  It keeps requesting a password on Windows Vista to access Public non password protected folders.  I can access them by typing any old rubbish into the password and username field but it’s annoying.  This doesnt happen on my Windows 8 machine.  Any idea why this happens?  Is it a Vista only issue?

One other question.  I have all my files on the Public Folder.  I want everyone on my network to access these but can I confirm that someone outside the network still needs to know my email/password combination to access via the cloud?

Any advice or solutions would be appreciated.


I deleted the Network share question and the streaming freeze question - Something has changed since the last update to make these work better!!

To the first question, you can find online backup services that can backup files on a drive mapped to a network share. I use iDrive, for example, but there are others