My Cloud Implementation - Success at Last - Tips for others

Greetings MyCloudians !!!

I have joined this forum fairly recently ever since I got my first NAS - MyCloud 6 TB. Though I was pretty excited in the beginning, but the excitement begin to turn into nightmare as I spent 3 nights awake to configure the drive my way. I took help of this forum, and support from some members especially Bennor and cpt_paranoi. After a lot of permutations and combinations, I think I have had it working the way I wanted to. May not suit others, but I am posting this so that newbee like me can get something to start from.

Environment - Windows 7 desktop, 3 mobiles/tabs running Android 4.3 and above, Yamaha home theatre with WiFi ability and stream UPnP, Minix Media streamer running Android 5.5 and supports UPnP streaming. I wanted all these devices to connect to the NAS and stream files or backup as the case may be.

Implementation -
Windows Desktop - I installed, tried and dumped Smartware. Its no good, atleast for me. There was a lot of data on my Desktop that wanted to backup and something to keep a track of any changes in files so that it happens automatically. For this I used FreeFileSync. Its a free application which easily does the job for me. It monitors my folders and any changes, it synchronises with my NAS. So Windows desktop was taken care of.

Android Mobiles - I installed MyCloud on it but soon realised it does not meet my requirement of sync my SD Card in a scheduled manner. So I looked for a number of apps which can do it for me. I have large amount of data on my SD Card which I need to sync with my NAS regularly since I keep adding or removing files (videos, pictures, songs etc). After some research (literally) I found the app I was looking for. Its called FolderSync. I installed the Lite version and not the Pro. This does my job since I do no intend to use filters which is in Pro version only. With this app I could easily create folder pairing between Mobile and NAS folders, configure to sync over WiFi or mobile data and time of sync (schedule it). This too has worked like a breeze.

What’s Remaining? -

  1. Well now that I have been able to sync my folders and files from desktop and mobiles, I need to use it too. I will be trying streaming movies from it as UPnP on to my streaming devices like Yamaha Receiver and Minix streamer.
  2. Secondly I yet have to create accounts for family members and grant them access to specific portions of data on NAS.
  3. Further explore MyCloud app on mobile and see how effectively I can control NAS.

Shall keep you all posted on my developments, challenges and discoveries. Sorry for those on IOS. I have no apple in my cart.


Need help with mapping each Share. I have searched the forum and though there are a number of posts on this, I still have a doubt. Hope one of you can help.
I have 2 shares as of now.
Parambir - Public Access OFF - Under user access I have granted myself full access.
Multimedia - Public Access OFF - Under user access I have granted myself full access.

As long as they have Public Access ON, I am able to map them. The moment I switch off public access, they stop being accessed from network share. I understand I will have to recreate the mapping but what logon credentials do I need to provide for both? I don’t remember having given any name or password? My desktop is in the workgroup and not part of any domain. Using Windows 7.

When mapping a Share configured to Private through the My Cloud Dashboard one uses the User name/password one created through the My Cloud Dashboard. When one sets a Share to Private they need to configure User access to that Share. If you haven’t done so already read through the My Cloud User Manual ( or My Cloud Dashboard Help which explains how to configure Private Shares and set User permissions to those Private Shares.

Or see the following two WD Support documents on “mapping” Shares:

So Bennor after having read through your comment above as I figure it out that if I have made a share private (Public Access Off) and I give say 2 users full access to it then I can create a mapping using name and password of either of the two users where one of the user could be myself? I tried doing this by creating a test share and switched off public access and gave myself full access. I was successfully able to map the drive. This is how it works?

It’s a Windows thing; it won’t allow access to network drives using mixed credentials.

Unmap all network drives, and then re-map them, forcing it to use the MyCloud User credentials for all shares, including public shares.

For your Minix media box, I’d suggest installing Kodi, and connecting via SMB.

For DLNA, have a read of my Twonky FAQ

Thank you. Will go through it. Every moment is a discovery with this device… :grinning:

Yes that’s how it works for Private Shares. As Cpt_paranoia indicated there is a Windows operating system limitation to using a single User name to access Private Shares on each computer. If you attempt to map multiple Private Shares on one PC using two or more User names Windows typically gives an error when using the second or additional User names to access a Private Share. Its a limitation of the Windows Credentials Manager which is used to manage access to restricted sites/shares/folders.

Thank you Bennor