New cloud


Has anyone had any problems getting acsess to there cloud, just backed up my files, can’t login, a bit of a worry

Cheers Bob

What do you mean you can’t login? Login into what? The admin UI or the network shares of your NAS? Or from Smartware?

More details would help.

can you get to http://wdmycloud/    ?

if on a Windows computer hit [Windows Key] + R and type  \wdmycloud and hit enter


Hi Folks

Thanks for the help, truth be told I am very new at this way of working (cloud) so not all up to speed with it, just spent a while uploading some stuff, to the network drive, which I think backs it up on the cloud, is this right or have I got that wrong as well, many thanks for all your help, any information with regarding to how it all works, just wanted to back-up most of my photographs.

Thanks Bob

it will not backup files anywhere else automatically. you can whith safepoints, smartware or other backup software.

if you have a copy on the mycloud and a copy on a PC, USB disk etc then you have a backup copy and are fairly safe