[SOLVED] EX2100 with WD30EZRX drives, constantly grinding

What is that loud racket coming from my EX2100 with newly installed 3TB drives? With the factory-installed 2TB drives, it was quiet when not in use, the drives would spin down, etc… but now it seems as though it’s in perpetual motion. Is there perhaps a firmware update to stop this behavior?

Is it checking parity of a newly built RAID array (Dashboard/Storage tab)? This can take a while.

All it says is that the RAID volumes are active and healthy, so that’s a no.

Do you use media serving services? Dlna or itunes?

If yes how many media files are you serving? I had to rebuild my twonky database with only 12.000 files and that made my ex2100 grind the disks a long time (8h)

No, I have that stuff turned off.

Is the Energy Saver Drive Sleep setting still enabled?

I just checked, and the energy saver is enabled. BUT, I think I figured out the cause of the disk activity. When the network cable is unplugged, the drives go to sleep.

What I suspect is this: There is a Windows 10 computer on the network configured to use File History. Since that computer only has a wi-fi connection, it’s rather slow… hence the files are being backed up constantly. The solution is to reduce the frequency of the backups, it can be Weekly or something, it doesn’t need to be default of Hourly.

Thanks for your suggestions, they are good things to check and eliminate as the possible cause.

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