Constant disk activity

I am using my EX2 primarily as a backup device for my main computer. My main computer has an SSD for the C: drive which I use for the operating system and programs, but I save all of my downloads, music, videos, pictures, documents, and all other data to the D: drive which an HDD. Since that drive contains basically everything I care about, it’s important to me that it is backed up.

To simplify my backup plan, I got the EX2 so that I could just have the entire D: drive copied over to the N: share. (The N: share in my case is the EX2.) I liked this idea because it meant that everything that was copied to N: would be mirrored since the EX2 is RAID 1.

My question though is that the drives on the EX2 NEVER stop accessing. If I unmount the shares and do a reboot of the NAS, it will come back up and “settle down” within a minute or two. However, as soon as I run the backup job for D: to N:, the drive never stops accessing after that.

An hour ago I went through this process. I only had 5 new files (or changed files) on my D: drive since the backup was last run. Once the new files were synced from D: to N:, the EX2 has continued to access the drives nonstop for the last hour. And based on previous experiments, I know this will continue indefinitely. I seriously don’t think it will EVER stop until I reboot it.

What on Earth is it trying to do? At this rate, the drives will wear themselves out in no time. I can’t understand why changing 5 files would cause endless activity like this. That is insane.

Hi, maybe the drive is trying to update its database for the remote access and the media server, can you try turning the off and see if the behavior changes? What version of the firmware you have on the EX 2?

Thanks for the reply.

I think you’re referring to the Settings -> General -> Cloud Service option. I shut that option off and rebooted the NAS. I made a few changes on my D: drive and have re-sync’d D: to N: … with Cloud Service disabled, the NAS does not constantly access the disk. So that is good. But … that doesn’t seem like a solution. I mean, this device is called “WD My Cloud” … but the only way to stop the infinite looping disk access is to shut off the My Cloud service?

Regarding the firmware, the first thing I did when I got this device was to check for the latest software/firmware, and run the built-in disk checking options before using it. (Which took a long time, but everything came back OK.)

A cloud solution that endlessly causes disk activity is not a cloud solution in my opinion. I don’t think WD will hear these complaints, and that’s a shame.