Software Update Complete would not go away

After running the latest software update my DX4000 was endless saying “Software Update Complete” on the LCD panel. It had been that way for at least a week now. I have tried rebooting the things, refreshing the alerts and re-running the update check just to see what it does. Still says it. I then ignored the alert in the Alert Viewer which made it go away on the LCD screen but that alert is still sitting there on the Alert Viewer in ignored status. I would like that alert next time I update and that does not seem like the right way to do it…

How do I get that to clear properly?

yea, my says the same thing.  Must be a new feature correct?

I think we will still get an alert if there is another update out there.

I am glad that someone else is having this concern.  I am new to the WD Sentinel 4000, so having a strange message that is not the usual one is disconcerting.  I have contacted support, but I have not received a reply yet. 

I updated the server software, and the message is still there.

I suppose it made sense to WD if the screeen said you neeed an update, to say update complete when done.  we prob have to live with it

I had a telephone call from WD tech support and the solution is very simple.

Under the Dashboard>Alert Viewer, I  could see different alerts.  When I clicked on the alert which noted  the “WD Sentienl Software Update Complete,”  I could see in the right window:  “Tasks: Ignore the alert.”

Clicking on “Ignore the alert”  instantly changed the LED message to WDSENTENIEL  and the IP address!!!

Thank you tech support.


Well we know that :)  This is what the guy said in the first post, that clicking ignore will makee it go away on the LCD, but it is still there as ignored in the alert viewer.  This is a change from the way it was is all we are talking about :slight_smile:

Open up the Dashboard and navigate to the Alerts. Right click the alert and select Delete this alert. Worked for me.