Re-Install Sentinel software only?

Since the last update, my Sentinel dashboard has been screwed up.  If I go to the monitor function the dashboard just disappears.  The event log shows errors indicating that the software is unable to read the temperatures, etc.  So I want to re-install just the Sentinel software.  Windows appears to be fine and I don’t want to go through bare metal restore from ISO process again.  Can I run one of the executables in the software update download to initiate the update process?

I had a similar issue with one of the updates, certain tabs would crash the Dashbaord and some sensor readings did not function. Here is how I fixed it:

  • Download latest update direct from the WD support site.
  • Exctract the update to a folder on the Sentinel (I did the download and extract all over RDP).
  • Manually re-run each *.MSI and *.EXE installer on the Sentinel.
  • Most will give you a choice of Repair of Uninstall, always choose Repair.
  • Some may give you only an install option, this is how I found the “damanged” installs.

After I went through all the installers and restarted the Sentinel everything has been fine. Seems the update sometimes just silently fails certain components and there’s no easy way to identify them.