Unable to find and install updates Sentinel

  1. I am getting no messages of current software versions (for the Sentinel) in Storage Server 2008 R2 dashboard
  2. Is there a way to pass these tabs (under the map Monitor) by starting the software manually (after downloading the software manually)?  But I don’t know which programs are needed to start and the button ‘update from file’ is not accessible.
  3.  according to WD the command to use in remote desktop under C:\Program Files\Western Digital\Western Digital Software Update Service is: “wdswupdate_cl.exe e:\sentinel_firmware_1_5_7_30.zip -over”  but that doesn’t work.
  4.  Anyone with ideas?

Instructions are here

Thanks, but the real problem is that we don’t have access to the tab ‘software update’ so there is no way (as far as we know) to activate the firmware?

I do not know why you would not have the buttons nor do I know what you mean by (under map monitor).  What is a map?

Have you installed any 3rd party programs to the server that may have broken the wd functions?  Can you surf the internet from the server?  (IE, it can get online to see the updates)  All of the Windows updates are applied?

Thanks, let me be more precisely. All of the Windows updates are applied. These updates go fine. I can surf the internet from the server. I.e. to search and find “sentinel_software_1_5_8_31.zip”. That isn’t a problem. The only third party software is the UPS APC software PowerChute Business Edition (can be find under C:\Program Files (x86)\APC\PowerChute Business Edition\agent).

If we go in the 2008 R2 Dashboard to manage software updates the following message comes:  ‘gathering information’   for almost 1 minute (so it seems to make contact or………) and then it stops with the following message: ‘information not available’.

Than the buttons ‘check for updates’ and  ‘update from file’ are prompted gray and cannot be activated.

The problem is also that a manually update as proposed by WD and as described in the release notes cannot be activated. The sentinel firmware is put onto the usb drive and we followed the instructions according to use a usb drive.

“8. Under Check for Updates, select the Update from file button.

9. A Software Update message will appear with a request to shutdown the Dashboard

and reboot the server.

10. Click Proceed to continue and Windows Explorer will open.”


But it is impossible to use point 8 ?

So we don’t know what is going wrong.

We want to express our thanks to WD Support and [Deleted] in particularly with all the help to get the Sentinel running.

He put quite a time in (remote desktop) restoring the software of the Sentinel.

Thanks a lot.