New Release - WD Sentinel DX4000 Software Version (11/7/13)

WD is happy to announce the release of the newest WD Sentinel DX4000 Software Version

Please feel free to post your experiences with this update here in this thread.

After two days, I still have the “STARTUP INITIALIZING…” message on my server…I don’t know what to do. This is the second time it happens. It didi the same thing with the last update

After seeing the same message for two days, I finally turned off the server manually and it rebooted afterwards with the update!

I have Version

tried to update to the new version … alwase it start and after 30 seconds its stop automatcly … and the dachboard crash

any one can give me a help !!

After upgrading to this new version I am having trouble doing a full restore via the USB startup process.  My backup was done under this new version and I verified that it was ok.  I can open it up in the dashboard and see and select individual files to restore.  I can even restore individual files successfully.    But if I create a bootable usb key and boot to it using my computer, I can’t get the full system restore to work.  What happens is that it boots up to the restore screen and I select the backup to restore, but when I click next to proceed I get a screen saying something like “An unexpected error has occurred” and my computer then reboots. 

Prior to this version I have been able to do a full restore successfully.  

I am wondering if this is a problem with this new update.

I can provide more details if anyone is interested in looking into this problem.

The BMR thumb drive restore stuff should not have changed.  I would try a different thumbdrive