Social and cloud import application error

Hello, I have been using my “My Cloud Home” unit for a little over a year now, I had set up the social and cloud import app (Specifically google drive) and it regularly synced until just recently…
I removed my google drive account off the app then tried to re-attach it and I get to the point where I press the “allow” button to give permission for the unit to connect to the google drive and instantly get a 504 network error (timed out) with a reload page option… Once I press the reload page a pop up comes up saying that there was an error "the social and cloud import service was denied access for this user…
Any idea’s what is going on???

Hi Morri2gb,

You can have a look on below mentioned links in this concern:

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Thank you Brandon P for taking the time to respond to my post.
I can get the discovery option to work to do a one time sync. But cannot get the application social and cloud import to connect. I have multiple Google account and can get it to connect to other ones. Just not the one I need. I have screenshots if it will help