Impossible to sync with Google Drive and Dropobox

Anyone is having problems to add Google Drive or Dropbox to the My Cloud Home? I go to the Social and Cloud Import but nothing happens when I press the bottom, no menu or something to add this type of services. It is impossible neither in the app or in the web.

This could be happening for a number of reasons, most of which don’t have anything to do with the My Cloud Home device. Off the top of my head, here’s what I would think to check
1: Firewall: WD Discovery can fully connect to the internet, right? Check the security settings for your OS and any internet security software you may have installed too, to make sure WD Discovery is allowed to do what you want it to do.
2: Browser: Which browser is set as the default?
3: Browser Settings: Is there a pop-up blocker function? Is it turned on? Is it preventing the browser from opening up a login window for Google Drive and Dropbox? If you have the browser already open when trying to start the Cloud Import, does the browser proudly display a little “we stopped a pop-up for you!” like it thinks it’s being helpful?
4: Browser Settings Cont…: Does your browser have any “Anti-Tracking” functions or any privacy settings related to the rejection or deletion of cookies? Are these turned on? Have you noticed any other websites that have been breaking or otherwise losing basic functionality while these settings are enabled? If you turn these settings off and try the Cloud Import again, does everything start working the way it’s supposed to again?
5: Browser Extensions and Add-ons…(sigh): Have you installed any Add-ons or Extensions to your browser that have anything to do with the aforementioned settings? How about containers, web proxies, VPN’s, saved logins, user agents, etc.? Can you (at least temporarily) disable them and try the Cloud Import again?
6: Google Drive and Dropbox: Do you have client software for these cloud services installed on your computer? Are they up to date? Are you signed into them? Repeat all the previous steps here for those apps, to check on their ability to connect to their respective services.

I stopped using the Cloud Import function altogether almost a year ago, however back then any problems with permissions or connectivity with a cloud service just meant that the My Cloud Home would run a fresh download of everything in my cloud accounts… I think it technically still thinks it’s downloading my now-dead OneDrive account files. the horror…