Sync with Google Drive

Until last week all photos synced between GPhtos and GDrives was synced in my cloud home into Google Drive folder… But know it doesnt sync anymore… Any ideas?

Hi AugustoGeovanny,

You can have a look on below KBA in this concern.

hi brandon thanks for your response however that was exactly what i done on my first setup…

the problem here is that any “social app” is synced now…nor dropbox, microsft one, even google drive (with google photos)

i tried to disabling and enabling that service from options menu and nothing, i tried to reset manually and nothing…it seeems it s a problem with "social media import " app

any ideas?

FYI, what i done to fix:

after demote my device owner by pressing the little button by 30-50 sec, i made the initial setup with a second account (another mail ) and everything was fixed with my main account

the bad thing i found: now i have two accounts and i lost the ownership of my main account (even when i know the second and owner account is mine i feel like i lost some convenience doing this)