Social & Cloud Import - Multi Account Solution for One Social Service?

Hi there,
I have multiple accounts with Google Drive and Facebook and would like to sync all of them, not just one account for each social service. Anyone knows how to add more accounts?

@JamieKata Unfortualty , multi account can only be supported by configure and reconfigure the service using the different credentials. Facebook will be fixed shortly

It’s still useful. Thank you so much!

hi @SBrown how can we do configure and reconfigure the service? i have multiple OneDrive accounts that i would like to sync them with My Cloud Home. Whenever i disable and enable the OneDrive button in the Social & Cloud Import Service, it activate the first account i entered.

@Mohamad.Bitar The instructions are located in the following KB article

My Cloud Home Social Media and Cloud Import

@SBrown thank you for sharing the document but how can i configure both of my OneDrive accounts?

Another question: if i want to change my onedrive account from existing one, how can i do that?

Can you please let me know your feedback on both questions?