Smp connect to win 7 network share

Ok I’ve had a smp for a few months now. It is strictly on my projector. It is having problems seeing my win 7 media server running win 7. I have it setup to access by network share. The other 3 wdtv hd live plus we have in the house access it no problems. Been running that way for 2+ years. Only the smp has never seen it. t sees the other media players. But never the win 7 machine. Workgroup is set up correctly. I have them all hardwired. Thoughts? I am really tired of transferring my movies to flash drive to watch them on the big screen

Are you able to see the SMP from the computer? HOw are you accessing your files by Media Server or Network Shares?  You may also try resetting the SMP, by holding its reset button for 4 seconds.

Sorry for the delayed response,  ive been down the past couple weeks.  i appreciate your help.   I can see it on the windows 7 machine. I have set sharing the same as the other wdtv live plus boxes we have in the house.   I am attempting to connect through network share.   I can connect to smp through the win 7 machine but not the other way.  hmmmm.   I also purchased a second smp at the same time and it has the same issues.   Also i doubt there is any way to put the firmware/layout from the smp on the hd live plus boxes.  I really like the layout of the new smp with the movie pictures. I have a very extensive dvd library ( around 1200 dvds and numerous tv seasons).   i just completed digitizing everything.   now if i can only use the network versus local storage, i would be a happy camper.    thanks again