SMCWUSB-N2 wpa2 wireless connection problem

HI, I just bought the SMCWUSB-N2 wireless adapter and I cannot get it to work properly with my wd tv live. It recognizes well and it works fine without network wireless encryption.

When I try WPA2 (AES or TKIP) and WPA, it doesn’t.

I’ve changed my wpa2 passwords just to make sure and I used a laptop to test the connection.

Can anyone help me? I’ve searched the forum and WPA2 in itself doesn’t seems to be the problem. Has anyone had issues with this SMC equipment? I’m connected to a Netgear cable router cvg834g.



When you changed passwords do you try a very simple one like password without any special characters.

yes, several. And I tested them first in my laptop.

Thanks, richUK

Im experiencing this problem aswell!

In my first post I didn’t mention my network ssid was hidden.

I tested yesterday unhidding it and I can now connect to my router and to the internet, with WPA2 active.

Does anyone have an answer for this behaviour? I would like my network to be kept unseen.


Here’s my guess:   When you BROADCAST your SSID, the broadcast includes the EXACT security configuration required.  That’s why the WD will skip directly to the PASSWORD screen after you select the SSID.

If you do NOT broadcast your SSID, you have to configure the security type.  

Hope someone can help me… I too am having problems with my WDlive and this USB adapter…     I don’t have my SSID hidden and it finds its and it gives me a good signal but, for some reason the IP address, Gateway, DNS and everything else are all    and when I test the “connection” it won’t connect…   no clue what I’m doing wrong…  also, when I connect it to my desktop… it works find… I get 4 out of 5 bars… any ideas…

I’m using a Netgear N300 wireless router

Please help :o/ 

What are your security settings? WPA2?