SmartWare software will not start from Windows 7 Start Menu!


Well, I am now seriously considering returning my WD My Book Essential 1T straight back to the shop and get my money back!!!…no ofence to anyone of course.  This is the second problem I’m having in the short relationship of only 3 hours with my WD! The Smart(?)Ware software will not start from the Windows Start Menu…I click on it and nothing…zero.  I really don’t know what is happening but I’m starting to have a bad feeling about this and to top it up this is my first WD product and I always heard and read so good about it that I cannot believe this is happpening…sorry but I have to be honest.  Does anyone have any sugestions please?

Thank you.

Evidently, the SmartWare didn’t install correctly.  Have you tried contacting tech support about this?

First off the Smartware is total ■■■■. I uninstalled it after the first backup when I saw what a resource hog it is. If I hadn’t lost my reciept and had the time I’d have taken mine back. I did get it wrking without the Smartware and use Acronis True Image for backups. Between the Smartware and the virtual CD that you can’t delete there are very few satisfied userd here because of those 2 items.


Well, I’m glad that you got working for you.