Smartware Not Recongizing Login Credentials

I’m in the process of setting my EX2 cloud and backing up my computer via smartware but am having no success. When I click on the drive it asks be to sign in with a username and password. When I enter my information and hit ok the window goes away and nothing happens, I then click on the drive again and the process repeats. What am I doing wrong? What is wrong with this drive?

Which share are you selected as the target for the backup?

Login ti Smartware backup using the same windows desktop account you used when logging in to the computer (or, if you installed Smartware using a different user-id, use that ID to login).

For example, on Windows 10, where your profile is registered with Microsoft, use

If you are running Windows 7 (as a local, non-Microsoft account), the userID will probably not include the email; e.g. “yourname”.

From windows control Panel, Users, “Change my account”, you can see your user-id below your cosmetic name.

If you need more details, I wrote an article on this and other Smartware backup concerns here:

I wish western digital would put that on the login-screen’s help menu. This took me a while to figure out.

Replying to my original email, these steps are no longer working on the Windows 10 computer.
I am wondering if the failure is due to Microsoft now using a PIN at the desktop login?

Smartware Backup is dead and useless. ver: