SmartWare not detecting Passport

Hi everyone.I’m brand new to WD so I hope you guys can help me out here.Here are my problems:

  1. I just got my Passport Essential SE today…and I installed SmartWare etc.However,it detects only my Mac HD and not Passport itself?I don’t understand why this is so.Also,the SmartWare icon does not appear on my menu bar like the user manual says it will.

  2. I couldn’t click on the “Backup” or “Retrieve” tab??

I’m really afraid I didn’t do things right or something so I can’t lock my files…please help.I really love my new HD so hope it can function fine…thanks.


did you reformat your drive to a Mac supported file system? the drive is factory NTFS this could be the reason why is not been seen by the computer.…

I tried that and yet the computer did not detect it.Is it SmartWare’s problem?Because I really want to be able to secure my files with a passowrd and it’s really frustrating.