My WD Passport is not recognized in my mac anymore, only the WD SmartWare

Sorry if this issue is being repeated, however I couldnt find the solution for my problem in the forums.

I had the WD 750 gb Passport the little over a year. I used to back up my filed using time machine + manually drag in and out files to the folders on my external drive.

Suddenly the icon for the passport stopped appearing on my desktop when I connected my passport. Only the  WD Smartware appear.

I would really appreciate any sort of help or suggestion


hey same problem:

I had a passport password which locks it

you have to access the WD utilities app via application menu (I had forgotten that I had secured it) when I put the password in then it mounted it fine. Wasted ages trying to figure it out and found it by complete accident dammit

hope that helps

I managed to repair it through the Disk utilities Thanks A lot!!!

Can you share how, I am having the same issue.