Smartware intermittently works

Why does Smartware (installed on a Vista Machine) using a My Passport Essential drive intermittently NOT WORK. I did get it to work a few times, backed up my data to the drive. But, it doesn’t seem to update the files, and, when I bring up the Smartware program, I don’t have any options to select to back up or restore. I have updated the Firmware to 2.010 and the Smartware to and that did not fix the problem. I can use Windows Explorer and see my files, open then, etc. But, why does the Smartware just not work. I feel that it is a very buggy program, and , after seeing all the posts about how bad it is, it’s a lemon! C;mon WD , step up to the plate and give us FULLY FUNCTIONAL SOFTWARE and NOT let us be BETA TESTERS!!!

Any help would be appreciated!!!