WD SmartWare is not working anymore

Hello all,

I have an issue with my Passport Essential Drive 320GB/USB2.

I installed the new WD SmartWare and then I unlocked the drive.

The SmartDrive does not show any files for backup, even though I flagged in the details all document types. It does shows the C: and WD volume with the GB which are already there, but WDSmartDrive shows no files to transfer.

The previous backup is also not shown on the Passport.

The prvious Version 1.2 worked properly without any issues…

I hope there is help out there,

Thank you all in advance,

Best regards,


Hi there!!

It happenned to me when I updated Smartware from an old version to the latest one, what I did was to uninstall Smartware, format the drive to clean it, install the latest version again from the website and then it was working fine.

Hope it helps!