Smartware and WD Backup

I have 3 different WD drives I rotate them weekly. 2 are always connected. Today I noticed that after several updates from WD that they’re not doing anything now. I can’t even access those areas where you can schedule backups. Smartware now closes after opening, without error.
WD backup, seems to be broken also. The settings button leads no where, but you can see the mouse spindle do it’s thing.

My question is what the hell did your update do to f this up so badly.
I have resorted to manually backing up as the drives show up just fine in windows and WD discovery. This program is a total pile of issues. Since you swaped out of smartware all sorts of issues are happening.

Several hours spent on this and I’ve gone mad. I have two 2 of your drives that are about 10 days over return policy that I’m going to take a hammer to in frustration. I’ve read a pile of older posts (2018 ) with similar issues that your team simply responds with call support. It would be great if you could post a solution instead of that copy and paste contact support ■■■■. Not all of us have hours to spend on hold when a solution could have been updated.

Log for WD Backup says this:
2019-07-04 2:21:10 AM >>> ERROR BackupManager.GetVolumeGuids System.ArgumentException: Value does not fall within the expected range.
at WDDriveManager.IApolloDrive.GetVolumeGUID(String bstrDriveLetter)
at WDBackupLibrary.BackupManager.GetVolumeGuids(IApolloDrive device)

Hi sbrowne4,

It is recommended to uninstall the WD Smartware and WD Backup completely from the computer, restart the computer and reinstall the software to isolate the issue.

If the issue still persist, please contact WD Support from the link given below.