Re: wd smartware problems

Just installed SmartWare for my 2TB WD Book . Everything else seems to work but nothing is showing in contents to back up and nothing gets backed up.  I cant back up. What to do?

Try uninstalling the software an installing it again to see what happens 

Did that and no luck.

I just had a similar issue.  My inital back-up went great in March.  I went to do an updated back -up and when my 2 cells popped up (one for my computer and one for MyBook) there was nothing in it to back up and MyBook only showed 12.1 GB other files in it but it didn’t say what they were.  I hooked it up to my laptop and that worked fine.  It allowed me to click on the MyBook cell and it had in it what I backed up in March.  So, I thought it made sense if I just unintsalled the program on my desktop and would just reinstall.  When I plug in the MyBook now all it says on my computer is that it is safe to remove the hardware!!!  It doesn’t open up…nothing.  Anyone have any ideas??  Thanks!

In our family we have two 750GB Passport Essential USB 3.0 Smartdrives and they both have the same problem:

  1. Smartware software does not recognize them if they are connected to USB3.0 port, if they are connected to USB2 port everything works OK.

  2. Windows 7 x64 Home Premium recognizes drives perfectly and file read/transfer/write works without errors.

  3. Tested in two PCs with ASUS motherboards having Z68 and Z77 chipsets.

  4. Firmware updated to one of the HDD and smartware updated to the latest version in both PCs

  5. Backup and automatic file synchronization works only when connected in USB2.0 ports.

  6. Bios in one of the PC is the latest one, in second PC bios is not the latest version (no need to update)

What a letdown, USB3.0 capable drives but supporting software lacks!