WD Smartware problem


I have a 500 gb WD My Passport Essential and have been delighted with it until yesterday when my PC suddenly stopped recognizing it and the message appears ‘WD Smartware has stopped working’

Obviously I am keen

a Not to lose my data stord on there

b To return to me previous blissful automatically backed up state

Any help appreciated


WD should be ashamed of themselves!  The only solution I could find was remove the software and reinstall it.  This has happened to me now three times.  It always happens after Microsoft sends out patches.  I guess some patches affect this software.  The removal of software and reinstall is painless, but what I don’t like is the cleanup of duplicate files when you do a manual backup after reinstalling the drive!  HTH

I bought a 1.5 Tbyte USB2 drive yesterday, and can not get smartware to work properly, has tried different upgrades and sugestions, but still have troubles with error messages etc. so I’m not going to get caught in the trap, today this unit goes back to the store, I’ll include a small amount of KY jelly and try to find another brand external (USB2) drive that will work right out of the box., but this time I’ll search the webb for what to buy and what to avoid!

TNX but this is the third time I get stung with brand name products (And with a solid reputation!) that fail to deliver the goods!