Your drive not backing up files?

look no further, i found a painless solution for this. now ive only done this in xp so the locations may differ slightly.

smartware will notice new files needing to go over but wont process them, even for days, so i found a really easy solution to get it to work again.

open up task manager, go over to your process tab, end processes on the following: WDFME.EXE WDSmartWare.exe WDDMstatus.exe WDMServices.exe WDSC.exe . this will ‘close’ the file manager and all related items.

now open control panel and look for administrative tools, open that and look for services, wait for the list to populatem, scroll all the way down then look for anything that starts with “WD”, select 1 and click start, there should be three services, once those are started go to “C:\ProgramData\Western Digital\WD SmartWare\WD Drive Manager” without quotations, then double click WDDMStatus.

if done right it’ll be backing up files again, if you think you messed up, a simple computer restart will turn the closed processes back on.

post here to let me know if this works for you, and if enough people post here i’d ask this to be stickied

took pictures.

step 1: kill the WD processes


step 2: start the processes in services


step 3, start the drive status.