SmartWare not backing up Documents Folder on Win 8.1

Have successfully backed up two Win7 computers today using both My Passport and a newer My passport Ultra, and had not problems backing up the My Documents folder through category or file backup.  Both computers are running SmartWare Pro 2.4.10.

My new PC is running  Win8.1 and after followign the various threads on thisforum relatign to no being able to select certain folders to be backed up I’m at a loss.  I’ve uninstaled Smartware multiple tiem and reinstalled, but it does the same thing, can’t select the Documents folder or any subfolders/files.

If this something to do with windows permissions/ownership, or is it a Win8.1 issue with SmartWare?

Help would be appreciated as manually dragging the folder onto the My Passport drive defeats the purpose of the continuous back up feature of the WD drives.


Hello Shredder126, welcome to the WD Community. Do you get any type of error message when manually selecting the Documents folder?