Slow transfer speed

So i’ve looked through the board but no anwser to be found. My MBL has always had slow transfer speeds on 2 different pc’s.

I have a gigabit router on which the mbl is connected with a cat6 cable. Transfer speeds to my pc with a 300mbit wifi come to around 4/5 mb/s.

When connected directly to the gigabit port of my pc i get around 8mb/s. Adapter states that it is running at 1000mbit. I have checked the jumborate settings but nothing helps. I need to remove 1,8GB of data so i’m going insane here… Please help!

Is there a way for me to remove the harddisk and hook it up to a Win or Ubuntu to transfer? I dont care about the warranty…

A troubleshooting step.  Stop the WebClient service and try again.

If running windows, which version?

What app is used to “copy”?  copy or  xcopy…  Read long ago that xcopy also copies subdirectories but it reads an entire file before it does the writes, not sure if still true.  Copy is ok but not for lots of files.

Also, does the destination have lots of data already or fragmented so that the copy has to dig for the empty spaces?  Is the copying done with specifications? e.g. updated date/time, doesn’t exist.

If running vista or win7, try “robocopy”; it is comes with vista & win7 even if it is not documented & supposed to be better than xcopy & faster; do “robocopy /?” for help/howto.

Or try “richcopy” free from microsoft & uses gui & may be better than robocopy for you; robocopy is command line oriented.  Richcopy also uses 3 threads default for copy & can be adjusted upwards but read that 3 was “optimal” in testing it; richcopy default will get the copying done for 3 files at a time.

However, another kicker is that copying to/from a usb 2 harddrive will be quite slow; then also there may be a long delay in starting the copy process if either drive was in “green” mode (sleep) & I’ve found that the MBL is sometimes “half asleep”.  The wait times is also calculated in how fast the copying is being done.

I have over 320 gigs of files & my copying/backups to an usb3 drive is getting “slower” due to the checking for “not exist” & date/time update & waits for both drives to wake up from “green” mode; don’t think any drives are not green anymore to “save” power consumption.

Windows reports in Megabytes, not Megabits. It may be reporting 8MB/s, not 8mb/s. You can double-check the write/read speeds with Lan Speed Test (Windows-only), downloadable from The 100MB/s is the Read speed.


I have a small challenge with the data transfer speed as it is low, 

my configration is PC using wireless LAN (network card: Realtek 8185 Extensible 802.11b/g wireless device) via Windows Vista, connected wirelessly to the router, Motorola Wimax CPE i 35775, signal is excellent. while the My Book Live 3 TB connected via cable to the router. the cable is the one that came in the box with the MBL. 

I have tried the backup software included, and now I am trying manual drag and drop transfer, I have also tried restoring the device. 

The Transfer speed avaraged at 1 MB/s. 

I understand that this device is capable of 100MB/s, the very least is that I should get 20 or 30 write speed. 

Please advice if this anything wrong in my configration or do I need to do any tweaking to the system.

Appreciate your help. 


To make valid and beneficial speed test please make sure that you do not have any bottlenecks in your network:

  1. WLAN connections

  2. Routers (the exception proves the rule)

  3. WLAN

a. WLAN N: 300MBit/s or 450MBit/s Even with a full signal the netto rate will not go higher that 200MBit/s which means a possible transfer maximum of about 25MB/s. But in reality you will experience about half of this speed 10 to 14MB/s.

b. WLAN G: 54MBit/s The maximum would be about 6.75MB/s, in reality about 3 to 4 MB/s

  1. Routers

Many router do have a 100MBit switch build-in. You will experience transfers about 10 MB/s. Routers with GBit-switch build-in should be capable of giving you maximum speed possible. But be aware that many so called GBit-routers are not able to provide IP/IP transfers at high speeds. A lot of router are limited to about 200 or 400MBit/s. If you are in doubt please try to get your hands on good reviews of your router.

I recommend that when it comes to the maximum speed discussions / comparisons we should at least make sure that the following conditions are given:

  1. PC with GBit interface onboard or as PCIE 1x card

  2. GBit Switch

  3. WD Mybook Live (network version)

  4. Alle components connected through CAT5e (or better e.g. CAT6, CAT6a, CAT7) cables.

Have fun


Honestly, I did understand just a bit,

Do you suggest that I try to change my router, network card and the cables or just the necessary item from the equation?



You do not have to change or buy anything. Just keep in mind that with the wireless connection of max. 54MBit/s to your Mybook Live (via your router) you will never see your mentioned transfer speed of 100MB/s.

So what you can try is connecting your computer directly to your router via a network cable. Than measure the speed and I am pretty sure you will see a big difference.

I wil try that shortly and revert back to you for more help :slight_smile:

As I was going through the details of the devices I have, I found out that my router and wireless network card are 802 G and not N. 

I read about N class get upto 300?

My friend who is on the same ISP have the N model router and managed to hook up the MBL and his laptop to the router via wire and managed 15 MB/s. 

Does it mean that my bottlenecks are my router and wireless adaptor?


If you are into the wireless connection you are right it is both. The example of your friend shows you that the archived throughput of wireless connections is much lower than the specified value.

e.g. 300Mbit/s div 8 should give you about 37.5MB/s, your friend archived 15MB/s, That muliplied by 8 gives 120MBit/s. You see 300MBit/s in theory comes down to 120MBit/s in real live. But do not worry this is pretty normal for wireless connections.

So, if you can use a cable to your router I would do so. Otherwise if not feasable than I recommend bying a faster wireless router and wireless card.