Slow Transfer Speed on Gigabit LAN


I have a Slow Transfer Speed on Giga Lan.

HW Config:

My Book Live 2TB + WRT310Nv2 Gigabit Switch + Realtek RTL8168C§/8111C§ Family PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet NIC (NDIS 6.20) + Windows 7

Transfer Speed: 11Mb/s

This is a 100Mbps transfer speed. What can I do?

Thanks for your help.

I just have to ask about the only thing you did not mention, the network cables. Are they all at least CAT-5e?

I switched my unknown cable for a CAT 5E, and turned OFF Jumbo Frame and now the problem is solved.

Thanks a lot.

Hello maumarenco,

I have the same issue like you. I use a CAT5E cable, but I don´t know how to turn off the jumbo frame.

Can you explain me how to turn off the “jumbo frame” on Windows 7?

Thanks a lot.

  • Go to Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections

  • Right Click on your Network adapter

  • Properties

  • Configure button

  • Advanced Tab

  • Property List: Jumbo Frame

  • Value: Disabled

Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections

I got this Intel® 82579V Gigabit Network Connection.   And I only see jumbo packet no frame… 

Well today my my book live duo came and now i’m transfering 300 gig at 12 MB per second so thats like 6 hours and 30 minutes to transfer file’s :X  So is this normal or what???

I’m on a 100 mbit line fully connected with MBL to gigabit network with cat5E cable’s!

Can Anyone please help me?

Well, of course that’s perfectly normal for a 100 megabit link!

12 MB = 100 mb.

you don’t understand i got 100 MBIT connection line and my internet at home is all GIGABIT connections so this is not normal ?

I should get atleast 60 MB per second not 12 :X

this is a speedtest

No, you don’t understand.

Your INTERNET doesn’t have anything at all to do with local access speed within your home network, and your internet at home is NOT gigabit.   Your internet is 100 meg (you just said that) and your HOME network is gigabit.

That’s why I was confused.

Who told you to expect 60 MB?   That’s WAY out of reach for a NAS of this class.   You’d need to spend probably $400 (not including the cost of the drives) to get that kind of speed on a NAS.

A typical single-threaded WRITE operation to an MBL via Samba is going to be in the range of 18-24 MB/sec.

I’ve seen Multithreaded writes get close to 30 MB/sec.  But 60?  No way…

Hmm i understand fully what you mean now thanks for explaining. But why is it my 2 tera MBL hits 30 MB/s transfering data  and my

MBL  6 tera only 12 MB/s ?  I even put a cat6 cable at my 6 tera drive now makes no difference :frowning:

See tmy post on this here I am getting speeds 10 times what I could get out=-the-box.