Network Transfer Speed


I get a max of 11MB/s speed when transferring large files, for example ISO’s.

  • Gigabit Router
  • Gigabit Switch
  • Gigabit NICs in every device
  • 11MB/s on Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows 7
  • 11MB/s with a PC/Notebook directly connected to the MBL!
  • 120GB SSD in the PC, i7 6 cores, 8GB RAM

When I pause the transfer on Windows (8.1) and then resume it afterwards it jumps to 60MB/s and then slowly drops down back to 11MB/s.

This makes me believe that the MBL is limiting the speed, and that it is not a bottleneck somewhere in my network.

When I use the top command over ssh, it shows that’s it barely using any CPU power for the samba process (about 40~50%).

Already disabled the mediacrawler.

It must be true that the MBL is weak, the CPU and memory are just not enough to handle fast file transfers?



I’d be looking at link lights to make SURE the path is 100% gig… The CPU is quite capable of transfers 4x-5x faster than that.

Just for comparison, here’s my Windows 8 box copying from the My Book Live to its local disk:


Wow that speed is insane!!!

I just use normal ethernet cables for the network, I think it is cat5.

Actually I think my network IS the cause, the cables underground (modem -> router -> PCs) are CAT5 and not CAT5e…thus limiting my network speed to 100mbps.

What can I do? I don’t feel like removing all the cables underground and putting new ones.

Gig should run fine on Cat 5. However, you can tell quickly by looking at the LINK LED on your MBL. Is it green or yellow? Are the cables you have underground using all four pair?

The LED on my MBL is blinking green.

The cables all use four pair, if your asking if the cables have 4 pairs in them,  yes.

The blinking LED is the network activity LED. I’m talking about the LINK LED, the one that’s constant on.

I have only one LED on my MBL (1TB version) and it is green without activity, and is blinking green with activity.

Also if I am downloading something at 7 MB/s (max speed of my ISP, 62Mbps) and then try to transfer something from the MBL it is capped at 4MB/s. And that together makes 11MB/s which in my theory is all that the cat5 cables can handle…

I am really confused right now.

Normally the speed is 11MB/s and that is around 100Mbps

The only explanation I can think of is that whatever cables I have underground, are capped to 100Mbps like I said earlier.

All of the signs show that it is.

Look at the back, where the network cable is.

Oh sorry, it is yellow.

Yellow=100 meg.

Yes as I thought, so then the 11MB/s is accurate for my network? I will need to get Cat5e cables?

… Or figure out why your existing one doesn’t work. As I said, cat 5 is Gigabit Ethernet capable.

I will hook it up between with laptop and check the transfer speed.

Edit: but if it is gigabit capable then why is the LED yellow?

Probably a fault in the cable. You’d need a cable tester to determine that.

When directly connecting the MBL to my laptop, with a CAt5 cable.

LED = Green and Network shows its 1Gbps

I put it all back and its transferring with 11MB/s again.

At the control panel Networks show that it is 100Mbps…

So it must be the cables cause when I connect my MBL directly to the router and then try a transfer it is still capped at 11MB/s

Cat 5 might support gigabit, but not guaranteed. I have seen significant increases in speed by just using better cables.

The IEEE says Cat 5 is all that is needed for gig. So, yeah, that’s a guarantee. :wink:

You are right, as long as it is terminated properly :slight_smile: