Slow transfer from share to share


Has anyone had issues with moving files around on the server from share to share. From a computer on my wifi I can transfer files at ~25m/sec. Copying or moving files from one directory to another on the mycloud machine goes at 2mb. So it’s 10X faster for me to download and upload files back to the server than to just move them from point a to point b on the same hard drive. How is that possible?

Also it seriously slowed down my internet connection when it should just be transferring files internally. Is it backing them up to something else for some reason? The NAS is pretty much brand new and I haven’t messed with the settings or enabled anything like that as far as I know.


The files are being copied to your temp folder on your PC then re-uploaded to the MyCloud unfortunately.

You can SSH into the drive and use the MV command for way faster transfers if you feel confident enough to do so , that would just move the file index entries so be like a ‘normal’ move.


@armoden Are you copying and pasting them?


Or did it merely ‘mess up’ the WiFi connection between your computer and your router, with consequent knock-on effect on access between your computer and the internet?


Thanks, that’s what it felt like. Moving files inside a share is almost instant, so it was strange that between shares requires the extra step.


I wonder if that’s an issue of permissions? User permissions are applied at the Share level, so exchanging data between Shares needs verification of the user access permissions. whereas moving data within a Share might not.


I’m logged in as the admin so I should have equal access to both. Seems like a software issue on their side.


You may have rights to access both Shares, but they are still controlled by different access control lists that have to be dealt with.

On whose side? WD?

What method are you using to access the file server? The desktop app? Or your operating system’s file manager? If local to your network, you should be using the latter.


Good point about ssh and mv. This can be much faster.

But if the share is an external USB drive, the mv process will be converted to a cp file /target/share/file and then an rm file is performed. When permissions aren’t exactly “in tune” between drives, you can get a blizzard of error and warning messages, but usually the file gets copy/moved anyway.

@armoden : Do you shares use the same mount point, or are you transfering files between the main WDMC and an attached USB drive?