Copy files from public folder to shared folder in wd my cloud mirror taking long time!


when I copy file from public\Transmission folder to shared\plex taking long time to copy!

for 2.86 GB file it will take 5 minute to copy!

Please advise.


if you are doing the copy job from within your file explorer, then it is normal. You don’t copy on the My Cloud from share A to A but loading the data temporary from share A onto your PC and then sending the data back to share B onto the NAS. This causes your network to transfer double the amount of data from and to the NAS.

Fastest way would be: use the SSH command line and do the copy job withtin the Linux command line, for example:

cp -R /shares/Public/Transmission /shares/shared/Plex

Using the built-in file viewer in the dashboard (under apps) is arguably easier and safer, as you don’t need to enable SSH (and so any risk of things going wrong if the wrong command is issued, although this case is a very simple one).

As noted by @Joerg_A, if you’re doing it via a PC then you’re bouncing all the data via that PC, which can slow things down significantly, depending on how the PC is connected to the network and how fast it is (it being both the network and the PC).

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Hi Joerg_A, DarrenHill

Thank you for your reply!

i tried to use WD My Cloud app and the result was fast! :smiley: :+1: