Slow Transfer Rate

I just bought a 3TB My Cloud and loaded 225GB onto the Public Folder.    I am learning now how to set it up and I don’t want it there anymore because I can’t “un-public” that share folder.   I am trying to transfer from the Public Folder to my Folder which I can restrict access to.   Usually when you transfer on a disk from one folder to another it goes fast.   Why is this taking many many hours to do?   Is it sending all the data out to the Internet and back again and if so why, or just within the internal My Cloud drive?

It makes no sense why moving files from one folder to another on the My Cloud drive would take this long.

Thanks for any help.


It’s transferring data via your client PC over the network, hence the transfer is throttled by your network speed. If you enable SSH and log into your My Cloud using WinSCP you will be able to move files quickly.

Look at this post I made about moving from the public share to another share using the My Cloud desktop app.

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cat0w (USA)