Move from Public to other folder

Stupidly I have put all my stuff inside the public folder.

I need a way to move them in  a folder outside the public, in which I can arrange proper security.

The data is very large (with small files) and I do want to avoid the solution of moving them to the PC and re-upload them back.

Any help appreciated.

Thanx in advance

you don’t need to copy then to the PC but they will go through the PC.

Open 2 file explorer windows, 1 for each share

select the file(s) in the public then right click and select copy or cut

go to the target window and right click then past

if you are comfortable in Linux it could also be done through SSH

But this will move everything via the PC that launches the copy operation, won’t it?

Could you explain me the SSH solution?

Thanx for your reply!

yes everything goes through the PC so will be slow as it goes over the network. If you are on 1Gbps network it wan’t be too bad

I will not provide the Linux steps as it is very easy to cause issues doing this if you are not familier with linux.

I don’t recall if the Mycloud mobil app allows copy and paste, I think it does but for some reason I can’t connect to mine at this time.

if it does this will stay in the mycloud and copy much faster even though the interface is a little akward

Have you tried drag and drop from the Public share to another share that you have or can create? See example image below.

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Thanx CatOw!