Folder to Folder file transfer NOT from external source

Hi there,

very new to mycloud… so far been…well… interesting; after taking one back to the shops due to not getting logged into the dashboard I now have this other one setup as I want it. however;

I have created multiple shares and I want to transfer a file from one share to another but the transfer speed is around 5mb per second.

just to be clear - this is not from USB, not from WIFI, not from cabled but from one folder on the mycloud to another… I have looked around the forums but all I see is speed issues from external source…

can anyone help out here? anyone else seen this problem at all?

thanks loads

As an experiment try using either the My Cloud Desktop program or the WD My Cloud mobile app (for Android or iOS) to move the file(s) and see if the speed is any better.

What is most likely happening is the data is going through your computer as it gets moved or copied from one My Cloud Share to another. If your computer is connected via WiFi this can potentially cause even slower transfers.

Hi there,
Sorry for delay. Will try that. Makes sense what you are saying. Appreciate the response. Will let you know as soon as I can get a chance.

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really sorry for the delay - been a busy festive period :smile: installing the software made no difference at all. speeds between shares are still at a low 10mb :frowning: I now have an issue that the content is constantly “scanning” - trying to stop that now… :confused:
any more thoughts on the file transfer speed?