Slow drive detection and S.M.A.R.T. shows weird things


this is about WD My Passport Ultra. I got it few months and use rarely. Just copied about 30 CD’s onto it and using it as backup disk, so not too much. It lies in a drawer, well packaged in a special soft case to avoid any damage.

Few days ago I needed some stuff from this disk and it took about 20 seconds since drive showed up in My Computer disks list. While previously it was about 4-5 seconds.Any operation concerning disk usage as running disk testing utilities, opening Explorer window, etc., ends up with lag and nothing responds till drive start working normally, then all i clicked shows up alltogether, just like it did when you put a CD into optical drie and doubleclick Explorer.

Immediatedly I run Crystal Disk Info, HD tune and whatever I had to test it and weird thing showed up. It gives:

Read Error Rate 200 200 51

Spin-Up Time 186 176 21

Reallocated Sectors Count 200 200 140

Spin Retry Count 100 100 51

Write Error Rate 100 253 51

I know this errors are really unwanted, but weird thing about it is I also have WD drive as main hard drive in my laptop and it shows EXACTLY same values!

Although there might be something wrong with internal HDD, occasionally it clicks loud or something, whatever.

Why any HDD diagnostic software returns same errors for all WD disks? And why suddenly ny external drive behave like optical drive taking ages untill it shows up in My Computer?

Anyway any data is accessible and no data errors. Surface scan also clear

Oooops! It seems I put wrong drive SMART errors. Only first three are good, fourth and fifth errors are for my internal HDD. Please mind that.


Try running a diagnostic using WD DLG.