My Passport 500GB quick self test and complete self test failed

Hi All,

My external harddisk(500GB) got slowness when I view the files. When I tried to transfer files, it works fine for only 1 -2 min. after that it cannot detect drive. I suspect it was cable issue hence i change the cable. After change the cable, I was able to transfer file successfully but when i tried to run the WD Drive Utility test, it shows SMART Test : passed, Quick Drive Self Test : failed, Complete Drive Test : failed

Can anyone advise is this the sign of my harddisk gonna “DIE” soon as??

Kindly advise as the warranty i going to expire soon. If it is gonna dies soon, then i better get it RMA.

Thank you.

Hello and welcome to the WD Community.

Since the unit is failing both quick and full test, your best option is to contact WD Support directly.

Make sure to take the files out of the drive and contact support.

Hi ERmorel,

I have contact WD Support and they recommended me to RMA my HDD.

However, this will be my second RMA within a year. Do you have any idea what cause the HDD faulty?

Thanks for your reply.


It’s hard to tell what went wrong with your drive.

It could be a computer virus, a small drop or a hardware issue.

The previews unit that you had, went bad with the same issue?

hi, @xiaoyue0826 is the drive making any kind of funny noises?

Hi ERmorel,

The previous unit totally can’t access it but this time I was still able to access it and move all the files to my pc.

Hi Mason,

The drive did not make any noises on it so at first i though is a cable faulty and then run the diagnostic tools just know it was hardware issue.

Hope it won’t happen again.