Skip to desired time number buttons


Just wanted to report a bug with the new fw. I am not able to enter the time to skip to, using the numbers on the remote. They have been asigned functions (“go to files” for example) and they are keeping this function instead of simply inputting the number.

I think it always did that – it could be, though, that the new FW assigns defaults to the keys that weren’t there before.

Were you using hotkeys before?   If not, then go into the Remote Settings section of Setup and remove the hotkeys and it should work as before.

I’ve always used the keys to go to various directories directly. Always worked fine until now, with the skip to screen locking out those hotkeys. 

Yep same prob here

I am also experiencing this problem. Key 0 was assigned to Videos and now if I try to skip to a time with 0 in it I end up the main Videos screen. Resetting the 0 key back to the default fixes the problem but now I obviously can’t assign key 0 to anything. It’s pretty frustrating.

Have you reset the player after the update? Does it still happen?

Yes, just reset, still an issue. I hadn’t used hotkey a before, but others seem to have had success before. Either way it’s definitely an issue for all now.

Same problem here. I have several of the keys assigned, ex. 2 (A) for AccuWeather, 6 (N) for Netflix, 8 (V) for Videos. On the new firmware 2.02.32, whenever I try to jump a video to a time containing a 2, 6 or 8 it exits the video and goes to the function assigned to the hotkey.