Should I update the firmware of Sandisk Extreme Pro Portable SSD?

I read an article in which many people claimed to have experienced data loss with the Sandisk Extreme Portable SSD. I also own the Pro 4TB V2 version of the SSD. The article mentioned that WD would provide firmware for it.

Therefore, I checked the WD support page and found that the firmware provided is specifically for those who have experienced disconnection issues while using the drive. It seems to be a different firmware version from the one mentioned in the article. Additionally, I have not encountered any issues with my SSD so far.

Based on my assumption, the people who experienced data loss might be Mac users or those who used the drive with the exFAT format. There have been previous reports of issues with Mac users and exFAT format. However, since I have formatted my SSD with NTFS and primarily use it with a Windows system, I haven’t encountered any problems.

Considering this, should I still proceed with updating the firmware?

Hi @Jin,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the SD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting:

While it’s generally recommended to keep your devices and firmware up to date for optimal performance and security, in your specific situation, it seems like you haven’t encountered any issues with your Sandisk Extreme Pro Portable SSD. The firmware provided by WD appears to address disconnection issues rather than data loss specifically.

If you have been using the SSD with a Windows system and have formatted it with NTFS without experiencing any problems, it’s reasonable to assume that the reported data loss issues may be more prevalent among Mac users or those using the exFAT format.
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Given these circumstances, updating the firmware may not be necessary at this time. However, it’s always a good practice to periodically check for updates and review any release notes or documentation provided by the manufacturer to see if the firmware update addresses any specific issues or offers improvements that could benefit your usage scenario.