Sharing folder tips (no media available)

I am trying to get my network share setup correctly. Right now i can access files on my media player from my laptop but not vice-versa. As far as i can tell i have Network share setup right. It lets me select my computer and originally the only folder options were default and public neither of them contain media.

AFter messing around i finally got the folder i wanted to show up. but it still says no media available. What am i doing wrong? i am on windows 8. What other info do u need to help me.

Let me clarify when i said i have the folder i want shared. I have a “movies” folder on my desktop that says it is being shared from my computer but i cant see it as an option when i go into network share. I was able to share my main computer drive and figured i would just drill down to the folder i want but when i click on it just says “no media available” as opposed to letting me select the desktop folder and then the movie folder where the media resides.

you’re probably using windows homegroups sharing

which only works with windows devices

i think i am, I took that as the default. any tips on turning that off and setting it up the way i need to.

Also, is there a way to share with just the device. It seems like you have to select a user type. but i want to share with only my media player. It seems like that would be more secure vs. the tutorials that have yuou select “everyone”

you’ll have to visit the windows sharing center and make the appropriate adjustments to the settings.

once that is done

sharing is as simple as right click the folder and then click share

but first homegroups need to be turned off and any other related settings adjusted

I’m not sure what the problem is but I’m connecting to both Win 7 and Win 8.1 PCs without changing the default settings, i.e. I haven’t runed off homegroups.

I turned off homegroups and everything seems to be working fine. Thank you fo your help