Sharing folder on Windows 8?

So I resolved my login problem, now the issue is I don’t see the folder that I shared.  I see a folders called public and users, but I didn’t share either (maybe I did and didn’t realize it).

I am trying to share a folder called download stuff.  I thought I did everything correct to share, but it isn’t showing up.  Any ideas?


( Just for testing purposes )

Are you able to see the folder that you shared from other device on the network?  If not, check all the permission for the folder that you are sharing

Also if you go to your network place, are you able to see the media player on the network?

Hi there everyone

I also have the same problem. 

Is there any step by step how to set up “shared folders in Windows 8”
And also what to do in the WD Live device (I think I have the Gen 3) (I bought a month ago).

Thanks in Advance.