Sharing a new folder with Sonos

Have created a new folder in MyCloud called MusicLibrary under Public.
My previous share was the default “Music Share” which I had to remove.
Any help would be appreciated

I don’t have a Sonos but have you looked at their support web site?
Use this link for how to add the music to your Sonos, .

Which firmware version of My Cloud do you have?
Here are links to the User Manuals for both 2.x and 4.x.

The firmware version is 2.21.126
Thanks for the suggestions. My main problem must be how I’m setting the share function so I’ll go through the documentation again.
I have two different GUI interfaces to MyCloud. One is found under and the other I invoke through it’s ip address in my browser.
Thanks again

Have you tried this, \\WDMYCLOUD\Public\MusicLibrary .

OK, have just seen this in the documentation:-
“Important: Do not change or delete the default share names. Disruption of file sharing could result.”
So now my question is “How to restore a share folder”!

The first thing I would try is changing the current folder name to the old name, MusicLibrary to Music Share. See example image below to rename a folder. I am on my Desk Top so this is showing the Desk Top My Cloud App.
Click on, tap or activate image to enlarge it.

If this does not work you can always change it back to MusicLibrary.

Thanks for the idea but the folder still does not appear in my Sonos app.
Some posts say that the only way is to do a system reset. Fortunately I would have nothing to lose (except a whole lot of copying to be done again).
I can access photos in the ‘Shared Photos’ folder so presumably the share process is still working.

How long ago did you make this change? If you look at the Dashboard is it showing scanning? Have you looked at twonky?

Problem solved.
Have been using an Android all for Sonos, thought I’d try it from a windows machine, it didn’t detect the share but I could enter the path,password etc. and it worked!
I hope I haven’t wasted too much of people’s time.
Thanks for your support anyway.

Glad you have it working, maybe this discussion will help someone else in the future.