ShareSpace Firmware Automatic / Manual Update Fails


I am trying to update my WD ShareSpace4T automatically, after 100% downloading when I press the upgrade button, I get following errors:
“The firmware image is not valid. Please use a valid firmware image.”

I have tried many times but the result is same.
I also rest my device to factory defaults but the result is same.

Pl assist me to resolve this issue and also assist me about the manual update and which file is used for manual update.


Sorry to inform you buddy but a manuel update for the wd sharespace does not exist.

I would suggest you contact wd tech support on that issue

First the WD sharespace is a terrible product and will give you nothing but trouble and headaches.  Do not use this device for primary storage and trust the RAID levels.  Only use this device if you have other copies of the files on the WD sharrespace.  Now that we have that covered I found a manual patch here…,-sharespace-file-transfer-performance

Now before you just follow my link and start the manual process you must read the release notes because this patch disables some features but I personally did not care and ran the patch anyway.

I hope this helps and if you need a “real” NAS look no further than