Shared access from an iphone

I have had an EX2 for over a year or so now and have been puzzled on why I cannot send a shared file to someone who wants to check it on their iphone, but cannot download or play it. To be specific:

  1. mp3 file X sent as a share to a friend.
  2. Friend receives email reading it on his iphone and selects the link provided.
  3. Friend opens link and sees file name on “” but has no option to download.
  4. Friend tries to play it by tapping on the file name. A new window opens and friend gets a play button with an x through it indicating it cannot play.

So if this is a shared file and they cannot play it or download it, what good is it to share it? Am I missing some kind of permission set up? I’ve looked not only throughout documentation, but also through the settings.

The kicker is that if friend accesses it on a desktop platform, it will download fine. Just not on an iphone. Not sure if the problem also exists on an Android phone as I didn’t have one to test it on.

Thanks for any light anyone can share.

Hello Zorka,

I have an android phone and can easily access & play media files shared from My Cloud. This issue caused in iPhone as iPhone won’t allow to access or play media files from 3rd party media player source due to their security policies.

asp73, Thanks for your reply. Accessing from my own phone was not the problem. I have an iphone and can access my own files. The problem is if I share something from my own cloud, others cannot DOWNLOAD or play and mp3 file from their own phones. If they use their PC, there is no problem.

Just to make sure I didn’t misunderstand you - you are saying you can play a media file on your android phone from someone else’s WD cloud that was shared to you? If that is what you mean, then perhaps as you say, the problem might be an iphone issue.