Share space shows all drive lights Amber


the customer has bought a share space unit to me with four drives installed, all of which on the front panel show as Amber. I can access the drive via the web interface without any problems, however in the interface but says the volume does not exist and the shared drives are not visible.

I have removed two of the drives and run them up in an external drive I and it shows the partitions without showing their type and the box has been hard reset using the reset button.

My view is that the fact that I can see the drives when removed from the system shows the drives are working and that this is likely to be a drive control issue. Has anybody experienced this, and can add anybody give me some advice on where to go from here. The client has indicated that the data whilst not of major importance, would be good to retrieve however they would be happy just to have the unit functioning again.

The client has also indicated that the failure occurred whilst electrician was working in their home and the machine was powered off by power loss rather than being properly shut down.

Regards and thanks

Yeah… Could be a problem on  the enclosure

there’s really not much that can be done in that case other than replacing the enclosure

Was this issue resolved?  I am having the same problem.  Although from diffferent circumstances.  Had 1 drive reported degraded, didn’t get around to replacing…then I updated firmware and couldn’t discover my volume.  Initially I reset the harespace because it wouldn’t communicate @ all, then put in admin/admin default and could find it but the data volume doesn’t exist.