WD Sharespace - All drives amber

I have an 8TB system, configured for RAID 5.  All drives were operational (green) prior to installing the latest firmware (2.3.02).  After firmware was downloaded and installed - along with the obligatory reboot - the drive LEDs show amber.  I can’t believe any of the drives actually failed, and seems to suggest something went wrong with the firmware upgrade.  I watched the upgrade sequence from the browser - both the “Kernal” and the “System” installations went to 100%.  At this point, the drives appear to have been restarted as part of the process.  I have my Sharespace connected to a UPS so there has never been any power problems.  In fact, I don’t remember ever having one hardware problem within the 4 years my system has been in-place.  And now they’ve all apparently failed?  I can’t believe it.  I’ve looked at other posts, and unfortunately, have never used LINUX before.  I am an IT person so, if I have to I’ll start digging into LINUX for some kind of recovery.  However, I’ve got to believe there is a simpler method to restoring my system.  I’ve also read where folks suspect the controller.  Is this chip/sub-system field replaceable?

Thanks for your help,



Check on page 9 of the user manual and it shows all the status for the light on the sharespace.