Share folders with Kodi

Hi there,

How can I share files/folders with my kodi ?!?!?!
I´ve tried to enable DLNA but I don´t find it anywhere … I found a tutorial but it´s for the My Cloud and it doesn´t aplied in this one …
Can anyone point me to a tutorial or describe how to do it ( I´m very noob, so keep it simple, please ), please …

Many thanks

Not sure about Kodi, but DLNA can be turn on after installing and enabling Plex.

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you can share files and folders in kodi that are in your public folder on the mycloud home via the network SMB option in kodi
look here >>

no need to use plex at all

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pusb87, I´ll give a try but I believe something is not correct in my network … Below it´s an image from it

Under Rede ( Network )I have 2 DESKTOP … ( one with a folder My cloud … ) where I should only have 1 and the other should be MYCLOUD …
What can I do to correct it ?!?!?! It´s this the reason I can´t acess mycloud using Kodi ?!?!!?

if you have a mycloud home then you should have access to a public folder via the network icon for MYCLOUD-XXXXXX

this is the folder that Kodi will be able to access via SMB, assuming your Kodi device is on the same LAN

if you don’t see the public folder then I think there are some articles in the myCloud home support section that should help.

If you are on Windows 10 you may also need to enable some of the SMB options, again there are articles in the support section.

Once set up OK it all works absolutely fine

Just to add my experience here…
I first added my content to the private folder and, with the discovery software, I was able to make Kodi view the files and add to the library.
But then Kodi started to behave soooo slow and files that should play smoothly became pretty stepped. I used the private area because I didn’t like the idea of having all the content available to everybody.
As a test, I copied a file to the public folder and make it vewable by Kodi.
And you know what?, it ran as smooth as my system could handled. So now I moved all my library to the public folder and Kodi started to behave as before.
Just for you information.

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Please tell me the step by step how it’s done. I’m struggling to get it to work.

I have tried to put a film inside the public folder but I can’t get kodi to show the folder. I run kodi from a miibox3 it’s connected via wifi.

step by step >> Share folders with Kodi

Thanks, I have tried that with the public folder. I can’t manage to see the content.

Can it be because right now I have the my cloud home attached direct to the router?

No, assuming you are connecting your MCH to router with ethernet cable.

Okay thanks i’ll have to play with og some more.

Its best if you can assign a fixed IP for the MCH via your router and then use the network location feature when accessing the MCH from Kodi (Sect 6 in the link).

It definitely works extremely well !!

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Sect 6 what do you mean

uhh…read and follow Section 6 in the link I provided about adding video sources

I’m asuming your device can connect to your home network and see the MCH public folder. You can use samba for that, but the public folder is easily accesible with anything, including your smartphone explorer app.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I managed to get public folder to show on kodo

Case solved!

I can’t get my My Cloud to show up as smb nor UPnP (as suggested since Kodi now uses smb v2?). I get an “Error 2: share not available” when I try to browse for it. I’m using Kodi 18.6. I’ve typed in ip address (static) with and without “/” at the end…and nothing. Not sure what else to do.