Setup WD My Cloud to get media from Photos on Yosemite Mac OS


I Just upgraded my Mac OS to Yosemite. I now want to use the WD MyCloud as the source for all my Yosemite Photo content. Is there a way to do this?



Hello Kangaroo93, welcome to the WD Community. What program do you use to manage all of your photos? if you are not using none, you could just copy and paste your picture library.

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Welcome to the Community.

Do you mean like running the iPhoto Library from your NAS? This is not normally possible on NAS devices or USB drives unless they are formatted to Mac OS Extended (Journaled).

Hi Jubei04,

Thank you for the reply. I used iPhoto when I had previous Mac O/Ss installed. But now with Yosemite, the photo management application is called Photo. I am still learning how to use it. Does that help?

Can you please provide the instructios to copy and paste the library when you are on Yosemite? I found the instructions for old O/Ss, but not for Yosemite.

Thank you again!


Hi Trancer,

Yes, that is what I want to do. I was hoping that the WD MyCloud could handle this.



Hi again Kangaroo93, see if the following steps work.

Migrating more than one photo library

If you have more than one photo library on your Mac, then Photos will ask which one you want to upgrade the first time you open it. Photos allows you to open and work with libraries created in iPhoto or Aperture. 

To migrate another photo library manually: 

  1. Quit Photos. 
  2. Hold down the Option key and open Photos.
  3. Select the library you want to open. If the library you want isn’t listed, click Other Library. Navigate to the library you want, and click Open.
  4. If the library you want isn’t listed, click Other Library. Navigate to the library you want and click Open.

You can also drag the library you’d like to open to the Photos icon in the Dock. Or you can click Create New to create an all-new, empty library.